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Thread: www.militaryoffroadtires.net

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    These people have some of the best deals on the net... if you are looking for 38" for 16" rims,they have them reasonably priced.
    Humvee tires from the old 36"rt2's to37" bfg baja, goodyear mt's , MT/R's and mt durawall at prices that are hard to believe.
    They also have hummer double beadlock 16.5" wheels for very good prices. They even have some of the 24 bolt hummer beadlock wheels on occasion.
    They have the bigger tires as well, 40",46",49" and 54" . At unbelievable prices!!!
    THIS IS NOT SOME "FLY-BY-NIGHT" here today gone tomorrow selling junk out of his back yard or internet only business.
    check them out, do your research, you might find a better "deal" for the short term, but this place puts customers first and treats you like are an old friend, works very hard to give the best shipping rates possible and does allow you to pick them up if you would prefer to check them out IN PERSON.

    I have personally been on the phone with John and Lisa today and they are both excellent people to talk to.
    Their prices are so low I will not post them here, Please check the site out, and make sure to mention you found them on "MOUNTAINEEROFFROAD.COM".

    I copied this off their website.

    We're declaring WAR on high tire prices!

    At Militaryoffroadtires.net we strive to provide our customers with the best experience possible when purchasing tires. We set out to beat the competition's pricing. We started this business due to being disgusted by the insane mark ups the competition sells the same tires for. With over 15 years experience with sales, not only do we have the experience. But we're also from a military family as well!

    WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! If you serve, have served, or even have family that has please let us know for a discount!

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    Damn thanks! I know where I'm getting my wheels from.
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    DOUG!!! Where the hell you been hiding?
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    having too much time , but no money to do anything with...
    Bobby,sent ya a pm.

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