• Club By-laws

    Club / Membership Bylaws

    1. Official Club Name
    This organization shall be known as the Mountaineer Off Road Inc, (MOR Inc) A non-profit organization.

    2. Mission Statement
    Mountaineer Off Road Inc. (MOR Inc. or The Club) is a family oriented group that is concentrating itself on the support of our wonderful sport. Issues such as trails, land use, important legislation, 4X4 tech, and just an old fashioned good time are our main priorities. We adhere to the tread lightly policy while strongly teaching and encouraging responsible outdoor recreation. We encourage 4-wheeling in a family friendly atmosphere. We welcome new members, beginners, and veterans that enjoy the sport of off roading.

    3. Membership and Dues
    1. Owners of all makes and models of four-wheel drive vehicles are eligible for membership in MOR Inc. The total number of memberships shall be determined by the Board at such time that the organization becomes unmanageable. All members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion whether in or out of club activities. Any members disgracing themselves in the public eye will be subject to immediate expulsion from the club, subject to decision of the Board of Directors.
    2. Applicants for membership must be at least eighteen years of age (exceptions may be made by the board of directors) and possess a valid driver’s license and have insurance coverage on their vehicles in compliance with state law. An application form must be completed and sent to the Board of Directors along with remittance for the current years dues before membership may be granted. Following review of each application by the Board of Directors, the applicant will be notified as to their acceptance or rejection. The Board does not have to disclose the reason for rejection with the applicant.
    3. Class of membership:
    1. Full Family Membership shall have all rights and privileges granted by the club by-laws and will count as one vote for the family.
    2. Dues for this organization shall be $20.00 per family membership per year, payable January 1st of the current year. Any member whose dues are three months in arrears shall be dropped from the organization. Nothing herein contained shall prevent reinstatement of a delinquent member upon payment in full of their dues, together with a reinstatement fee of $10.00, providing a vacancy exists. Each paying member will receive one ( 1 ) club T shirt and one ( 1 ) club decal . Extra T shirts and or decals can be purchased at cost , no markup for club members.
    3. All other personal expenses such as uniforms, decals, insignia, etc. shall be bourn by each member.
    4. Members shall immediately notify the Secretary of any change of address, mailing address, or telephone number.
    5. Resignation of any member shall be in writing and submitted to the Secretary.
    6. When a member no longer possesses a four-wheel drive vehicle, their membership in this organization shall terminate. The board of directors may grant temporary exemptions.

    4. Members
    Members who adopt and sign the BY-LAWS of the club shall be known as members of MOR INC.

    5. Meetings
    Meetings of the membership of the MOR INC shall be held on the first Sunday of each month at times designated by the President. Board meeting will be at the call of the President.

    6. Club Officers
    The officers of MOR INC shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and one elected MOR Inc member and shall be known as the Board of Directors. It shall be their duty to draw up an agenda for all board and business meetings, and assume whatever duties necessary in cases of emergency. No officer shall be elected to the club except by vote of the majority of the entire membership of the club. Special posts may be created as needed to support the board, based on membership consent and board approval.
    1. Duties and Powers of Officers
    1. The President shall preside over all membership and board meetings and be present at all events when possible. He shall be the executive officer and shall have the duty to carry out all the policies and decisions of the Board of Directors. He will be notified of all club expenditures that the Treasurer makes.
    2. The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, serve in that capacity. He shall also perform any duties assigned by the Board of Directors.
    3. The Secretary shall keep and preserve all records and minutes of the meetings of the regular membership. He shall keep a file system of membership, and shall receive and answer all general correspondence pertaining to the organization. He will be notified of all club expenditures that the Treasurer makes in the event that the Treasurer and President are in the same family.
    4. The Treasurer shall keep accurate and complete records of the funds of this organization, shall collect all dues and maintain a record thereof.

    7. Assets
    All monies received from all sources shall immediately be turned over to the Treasurer.
    All monies shall be deposited into the club account unless deemed otherwise by the board.

    8. Elections
    Officers will be elected in November for the following year’s term. Each term shall be for one year. Nominations will be accepted starting at the September meeting. The newly elected officers shall take office at the start of the New Year. Voting shall be in person if possible. If not other arrangements will be made. Voting for each office shall be by secret ballot. A majority of votes cast is necessary for election to an office. In the event of a vacancy in an office, an election will be held to elect a successor. Any officer of MOR INC may be recalled by a two third majority vote of the entire membership.

    9. Events
    1. All events shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. Events will be under the direction of a trip leader. The trip leader shall be the president or his designee.
    2. All events must be conducted in an orderly manner and with safety as the prime factor.
    3. Anyone determined to be under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering drugs during any club event will be subject to immediate dismissal from the club. (Exception - alcohol consumption will be allowed at overnight camp sites and only after all vehicles have been secured for the night. Only persons that are allowed to drink by local and state laws will be permitted to do so.
    4. All members are responsible to the direction of the appointed trip leader throughout the determined duration of an event. No provisions are to be made to permit any member to join an event at any time or location if that provision decidedly interrupts the designated time schedule or plan for the event.
    5. Any events held on private property must have the property owner’s permission.
    6. Members must take full responsibility for their guests.
    7. Vehicles may be inspected by the trip leader or designee to insure its safeness and may be disqualified to attend if found to be mechanically unsafe.
    8. All members and guests participating in an event shall abide by the motor vehicle codes of the state concerned, and by the laws and regulations of the city, the county, or the circumstances involved.

    10. Amendments
    These BY-LAWS may be amended by a two thirds majority vote at a regular business meeting or by the Board of Directors in discretionary situations.

    11. Liability
    The officers and/or Mountaineer Off Road Inc, (club) are not and shall not be liable for any injury a member or a guest may receive, nor any damage a vehicle may receive, during a club event or function.