• Membership

    Club / Membership Bylaws

    1. Official Club Name
    This organization shall be known as the Mountaineer Off Road Inc, (MOR Inc) A non-profit organization.

    2. Mission Statement
    Mountaineer Off Road Inc. (MOR Inc. or The Club) is a family oriented group that is concentrating itself on the support of our wonderful sport. Issues such as trails, land use, important legislation, 4X4 tech, and just an old fashioned good time are our main priorities. We adhere to the tread lightly policy while strongly teaching and encouraging responsible outdoor ...

    Membership Details

    Owners of all makes and models of four-wheel drive vehicles are eligible for membership in MOR Inc. The total number of memberships shall be determined by the Board at such time that the organization becomes unmanageable. All members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion whether in or out of club activities. Any members disgracing themselves in the public eye will be subject to immediate expulsion from the club, subject to decision of the Board of Directors.

    Applicants for membership must be at least eighteen years of age ...